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ActivTrades Forex broker review: a Decent Provider

In turn, it is crucial since when and in which country a license for the broker’s work has been issued. Most of the companies are headquartered in other European countries, the majority in Cyprus. Cyprus is interesting because taxes are significantly lower there than in other EU countries. It should be noted that the brokers are then controlled and regulated by the CySEC, the financial supervisory authority based there. As a result, there are no differences between the regulations of, for example, the BaFin, the FCA and CySEC. In principle, a regulation from a European country is worth no less than one from Canada.

Get as low as 0.5 ms network latency performance to Chicago, New York, London, Frankfurt, Singapore, Hong Kong and other data center locations around the world. By hosting with us, you can eliminate your trading downtime with our enterprise-class trading backup, recovery and failover systems. You can rest assured that our high performance servers are running 24×7, so you never miss a major trade again. There aren’t too many features, but the platform is generally more advanced than MT4 or MT5.

activtrades forex review

They were already a great choice in terms of a reputable broker, but what I noticed is that they also make constant changes and updates in their services and features provided. The last thing I recently realized that, I think they have completely removed the minimum deposit requirement. A great move especially for brokers who dont have thousands of dollars to put in a trading account. Being client oriented does not only mean that the broker needs a good platform.

The inexperienced trader can be easily confused by all the higher-level features. Still, if you know how to use it, ActivTrades platform can help you get very proficient at CFD trading. Also a decisive value is the number of underlying assets. It decides how many currency pairs can be traded at a broker at all.

Very good bid-ask spreads

Active Brokers is the fifth-largest prime broker serving commodity trading advisors since it also targets them. We work daily on our services, and our team believes that technically equipped platforms and contemporary tools help particular traders to get through market difficulties easier. The decisive factor when trading currencies is the leverage. The exchange rates of currencies change within a day only in the last decimal places, so larger profits can only be generated with increased capital. With a high leverage, however, the capital is also increased, but on the part of the broker.

  • Our classic check includes, among others, that we are from take a look at the company behind the broker.
  • The exchange rates of currencies change within a day only in the last decimal places, so larger profits can only be generated with increased capital.
  • All of these instruments can be traded on the popular platforms MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.
  • Besides this obvious part of software, there are several other optional tools.
  • We do our best to contribute to our clients’ skills development.

Optimized network utilizing high performance bandwidth from global providers with hundreds of local peering agreements. Moreover, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA #113942) has approved and regulated GAIN Capital UK Ltd. Additionally, clients in the UK and EU have up to £85,000 in additional asset protection through the Financial Services Compensation Scheme . All of these tools are available for MT4 and MT5, and some of them are, in fact, developed by ActivTrades themselves. Whenever the price of a product hits a boundary, it’s forced to easy be bought or sold automatically – very handy and simple.

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Advanced support for fast remote connections of multiple monitors from your home/office Windows or Mac to your trading servers. Tuning your trading servers for optimal peak performance in CPU, disk, cache, data, processes and operating systems gives you an edge. Rest assured that data center staff and high level managers are available to solve issues to keep your servers and network always running. Besides this obvious part of software, there are several other optional tools. They are optional and can be added to the MT4 or MT5 versions of ActivTrade within two clicks. Their absence from the base versions is due to the magnitude of these instruments, as well as the sufficiency of other tools, already included into the platforms.

activtrades forex review

Unfortunately, there are still black sheep that do not have a license or whose regulation has not yet been issued. We would advise against registering there for the time being. With a license, a financial supervisory authority checks that everything is going right with a CFD broker. On it is primarily about informing readers about reputable providers in the areas of Forex trading, online casinos, CFD trading and many more.

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a broker, so we have tied our reviews to appropriate criteria. Newcomers and newcomers to the world of CFD trading are usually afraid to start directly with a high deposit. However, CFD brokers always have a minimum deposit, under which no deposits can be made. Due to the minimum deposit, the broker usually also determines for which type of trader the broker is actually suitable.

Trading Networks Located Near Major Brokers/Exchanges

Most brokers for CFDs have their own area in which traders can further their education. There are not only peculiarities of the provider and the trading software explained. There are also general introductions to the world of CFD trading. Many CFD brokers activ trades review also provide their customers with their own eBooks, with which they can educate themselves on very different topics. The widest possible educational opportunities at the broker itself are also considered to be the basis of successful trading for us.

The FCA, CSSF, SCB, BACEN & CVM, and CMVM regulate ActivTrades. For beginners, we also have Forex Brokers without deposit picked out. These are worth it to get started in Forex trading and try trading without risk.

Before we devote ourselves to the „inner values” of a broker, we lay down from of course, special emphasis on seriousness and reliability. Therefore, we have thoroughly examined all Forex brokers and conducted a so-called background check. In doing so, we look first of all at the company or the company from which the provider emerges. We go into details such as the owner and say in particular, since when this provider has been on the market and how much he had to do with financial instruments in advance. From this, it can basically already be seen how much experience a Forex broker has in his field and how reliable he is. We have changed the minimum deposit threshold predominantly to ensure access to our services to all traders and avoid making them accumulate a certain sum of money.

Is a classic omnipresent trading platform supported by virtually all brokerage providers in existence. It’s so popular because it’s comprehensive, highly customizable and gives you all the necessary information in one go. Also part of our background check is the question of how the company has presented itself to the public in the past. Well-known financial sites regularly award prizes and awards, which are based partly on customer opinions, partly on their own tests. A Forex broker who has already received such an award is of course also highly regarded by us.

Still, we do our best to stand out from the crowd and ensure our clients an unforgettable pastime. Indeed, we try to make spreads tighter, as it may be handy for some customers to trade with increased efficiency. Moreover, as you mentioned, we also value our client support team, which does a lot of work for us. For newbies and some one who doesn’t have a broker account can simply start with MetaQuotes Demo account to try out the app with real practice and thus get a hang of the application.

Therefore, in our critical tests, we also take to heart the opinions and reviews that we can find on the World Wide Web. This is not always very easy, because it is necessary to differentiate here. In their reviews addressed directly to a broker, they actually complain not at all about the provider as such, but more about the trading principle of Forex trading. For our experience, we try to find out which customer opinions are to be taken at face value and can be incorporated accordingly in our tests.

Educational opportunities

Our classic check includes, among others, that we are from take a look at the company behind the broker. We take a close look at this and provide information and also about other products that come from the company. ActivTrades is one of the more decent brokers on the trading markets, and you’ll see why in a few moments. They are also very plentiful when it comes to features, tools, and technology. It’s a very good and convenient provider overall – again, as you’ll see. Undoubtedly, it’s a very challenging task for any broker to implement services that will please everybody on the market.

However, a higher maximum leverage does not have to mean that the broker is also better. It is true that larger profits can be achieved faster with a higher leverage. However, traders also slip just as quickly into the loss zone, from which they then have to fight their way out again. So choose a broker that offers a maximum leverage that suits your trading preferences.

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