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Rebekah then makes Marcel lead her to Elijah after she threatened Camille. Marcel leads Rebekah to a room where she must be invited in by a woman named Davina who’s a powerful witch. Rebekah goes to Elijah’s coffin and tries to tug the dagger out of him, but Davina pulls it back and throws Rebekah out of her room, utilizing her powers. Rebekah later tells Klaus about this, stating that due to Klaus’ actions, Elijah is now in peril.

The proven reality that he prefers to portray homosexual characters has led to speculation amongst fans about his sexual orientation in actual life. I did it to have a great time after I felt like I was going to have an excellent time,” he mentioned. Things started to look more official after the actor took his mannequin associate to the premiere celebration of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why season three in August 2019. However, this relationship also didn’t turn out well, and the two eventually broke up. And Navarro’s fan ladies may additionally be pleased to know that the actor is currently single, or so it appears after having a detailed look at his social media handles and other media shops that have lined his love life. More recently, he played the position of Father Dante in the horror-thriller movie Prey for the Devil.

The rise of elijah and christine

While outside the home catching his breath, he sees Elena within the doorway and rushes at her for neutralizing him but is stopped due to not being invited into her home. Elena provides him the dagger to show that he can belief her so they can talk somewhere non-public. After Elena makes an excuse to Jeremy, Elijah and she or he go to her room. Elijah tells her that he won’t hurt her or her household.

Soon after Elijah discovered that the rest of his forgotten siblings, Rebekah, Kol, and Freya were also contained in the chambre de chasse with him and Klaus. In God’s Gonna Trouble the Water, Elijah and Antoinette have been invited to attend a celebration of Greta’s life by Emmett and the Nightwalkers who all followed Greta’s views of vampire purity. Emmett thanked Elijah for the position he played in Hayley’s dying, saying that he slayed a hybrid. Emmett told them concerning the group’s hopes of putting the vampires again on high of town.

When Dr. Martin asks him about it, he said that it was good that Damon was alive so he can protect Elena as he wants her alive. As they had been leaving the home that Rose and Trevor were hiding out in, the Salvatore brothers came to rescue Elena. They shot Elijah in the hand with a picket stake, Elena then came out and threw a Vervain grenade which exploded and burnt his face; however, he quickly healed. Stefan shot multiple stakes at him and eventually tackled him to ground.

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When Katerina escaped, Elijah felt betrayed by her and started looking her down, however was mislead the other way because of a vampire named Trevor. 500 years later, Elijah finds her caught contained in the vampire tomb and compelled her to remain. Almost a 12 months later, Katerina contacts Elijah and asks him to assist her discover the treatment. During their search for the treatment, their friendship grows to be very sturdy and finally they fall deeply in love, therefore starting a sexual relationship. After Elijah found that Katerina killed Jeremy Gilbert, he got mad at her lies. Katerina then met with him once more and handed him the cure, telling him she loves him and he or she wished him to trust her, as she is trusting him.

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Then she realized it was simply Damon playing with her thoughts and informed her no one is coming for her as nobody cares. Elijah then met with Sophie in the morning and requested her how this is able to work, Sophie told him that Klaus needs to come back in Marcel’s internal circle, and they’ll be hitting Marcel the place it hurts. Elijah then headed back to Mystic Falls to bring Rebekah with him to New Orleans, and tried to convince Rebekah to return with him but Rebekah wouldn’t saying she didn’t owe Klaus something and walked away. Katherine then appeared earlier than Elijah and informed him his sister is right about Klaus. Elijah kissed Katherine on the brow and advised her goodbye.

When Elijah is alone with Hayley she asks him if he excluded the werewolves because of her. Elijah tells her he left them out as a outcome of they now not reside within the French Quarter. Once the treaty is solidified it’ll broaden to her people. She asks him what she should inform her individuals in the meanwhile, ‘sit, keep, roll over’. Elijah tells her that he would prefer it if she eliminated herself from the process altogether. He asks her if she is certain that she should not return to the compound.

He is folding up the bedding when Hayley comes in and asks what he’s doing. He says the illusion must be flawless so they should put issues behind them. She asks what’s next – ought to she and Klaus maintain their heads up and say they’re able to try once more. She’s furious that Francesca continues to be respiratory and tells him to go away Hope’s Nursery alone. Klaus is clearly hurt however offended on the accusation, particularly as a outcome of Elijah selected to believe her over him. Although he has picked up on Elijah’s relationship with Hayley and says „how quickly you believe the worst, particularly when it comes from her”.

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They all sat down for dinner and Elijah listened whereas the sired vampires explained their concern for their own safety and their plan to lock the Mikaelsons away to protect their sirelines from destruction. Elijah grew more and more annoyed by his guests’ plans and infuriated after Aurora revealed she had Rebekah dropped to the bottom of the ocean. In Night Has A Thousand Eyes, Elijah, Klaus, Hayley, Freya and Rebekah are on the compound in the eating room.

However, his relationship status wasn’t at all times single, as he had the companionship of some ladies prior to now. Before discussing Navarro’s private life, let’s debunk the rumors about his sexuality. There have been speculations that the actor is secretly homosexual following his efficiency of a homosexual character, Tony Padilla, in Netflix’s thirteen Reasons Why.

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Hayley saw that Elijah’s infection was gone and he thanked her for saving not simply him, but the entire family. He inquired about Hope and the way she was earlier than deciding with Hayley that there was only one person in the household left to save heaps of; they ready to rescue Klaus from Marcel. Freya seemingly managed to stop the curse that was plaguing Rebekah and the family enjoyed Christmas collectively. However, Elijah was called to Rebekah out in an alleyway the place she showed him that the hex was nonetheless active, despite Freya’s efforts. Seeing no different option, Rebekah pulled out a dagger and begged Elijah to dagger her for her personal and the household’s safety till they could discover a way to get rid of her hex.

Since Esther got inside of his head, and now Elijah trusts Freya. Then they cant work collectively to guard Hope and defeat Dahlia. Sometime later Elijah meets Freya at St. Louis Cathedral.